Ask Me Anything on Catholicism, December 8th 2018

The tradition was in full display with all its might and glory at the Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Catholicism

Ask Me Anything: Judaism, November 11th 2018

Far too often Judaism is seen through the lens of politics and armed confrontations due to the Israeli-Palestine conflict which

Ask Me Anything Hinduism, August 18th 2018

You would expect an event titled “Ask Me Anything (AMA) about Hinduism” to start with questions and answers. Instead, participants

Let’s Talk about Jihad, May 26th 2018

Making Peace with the true Meaning of “Jihad”, in the context of Islam — the truth will surprise most.  

Ask Me Anything on Islam, May 5th 2018

If God is so loving, why does evil exist? Blanket black and white answers were not possible in this day

Ask Me Anything on Christianity – Mar 3, 2018

The middle-aged Christian lady stiffened ever so slightly, smile fixed, unmoving. I didn’t mean to be provocative, but I guess

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